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ALR PET Projector Screen Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projector Wide Viewing Angle, Screen for Home Theatre, Boardroom

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ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) projector screen

Description:All-Day Ready Screen/Ambient Light Rejection Screen: The special engraved toothed grid structure on the surface of the ALR screen filters out up to 92% of the overhead ambient light, eliminating washed-out colors and bringing vivid colors and crisp images to our eyes. Also, the diffuse reflection will care for your eyes more compared to general TVs. Viewing Angle: With a nearly perfect viewing cone of 160 degrees, our ALR screen is capable of delivering the same ultra-detailed image quality to you and your friends, no matter whether you are in front of the screen or seated off-center. Easy Assemble: The updated frame corner structure design requires fewer screws than other common structures, greatly simplifying the assembly and installation.

Why do we need to choose ALR (ambient light rejection) project or screen?

1、Brighter Image:

The Fresnel lens focuses the light from the projector and sends it straight forward towards the viewers. As a result, it is able to offer 1.6 screen gain which means the perceived projection image brightness is 1.6times higher than what's perceived from the projection image on the white screen.The 1.6 screen gain makes it ideal for projector with low native brightness such as the popular LED projectors.

2、Magnetic Rollable Screen:

Fresnel screens are usually delivered as a whole, which poses difficulties for transportation and installation. Therefore, our Fresnel ALR adopts magnetic scrolling screen technology, providing a unique curlable design for ambient light suppression project screens. This makes our product transportation more convenient and the installation process is also very easy.

3、≥85% Ambient Light Rejection Screen :

The core element in screens is the Fresnel lens. The Fresnel is made up from thousands of concentric lenses - each with its own unique profile. Barely visible to the naked eye, these lenses form a circular pattern from the screen centre and outwards - like ripples in a pond.With the screen, only light from the projector will be focused and ambient lights from both sides and top of the screen will be rejected.ALR(Ambient Light Rejection) projector screen can efficiently reject over 85% of the ambient light which makes the image vivid and bright under ambient light.

    alr screen

    4、Easy Installation:

    Dual Frame StructureThe Dual Frame structure comprises the inner frame and outer frame: the inner frame holds the screen, adapting spring tension system and guaranteeing a perfectly flat surface. The outer frame is decorative, the 12mm slim bezel.Slim Bezel 12mm Aluminum FramesThe high-end aluminum construction ensures that the screen will not bend under any circumstances. The 12mm frame is black color, with black velvet, to absorb any excess light. By making this stray light invisible, contrast and brightness are visibly hightened, making the content clear and sharp.

    Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Fixed Frame Projector Screen


The magnetic and rollable design save the screen from bulky frame structure.The screen is super slime with the a thickness of just 12mm.

As technology continues to advance and people's demands for comfort increase,  ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) projector screen industry is becoming increasingly popular. These ALR projector screens employ special optical technology, with the Fresnel environment light suppression screen utilizing multi-structure anti-light technology. The black elements absorb ambient light, while the white elements directly reflect the projected light to the viewers. This optical technology enables the ALR screen to be used in fully illuminated indoor environments, creating the clearest, most faithful, and highest-quality images.The environmental light shielding rate of the Fresnel ALR(Ambient Light Rejection) environment light suppression screen is 85%, a value based on laboratory measurements and not mere marketing claims. Furthermore, the Fresnel structure can effectively resist light from the left, right, and above in the standard installation and projection mode. This makes this type of ALR(Ambient Light Rejection) screen particularly suitable for situations requiring high-quality projection, such as home theaters and business presentations.


ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) projector screen FAQ:


A:Paired with our screen can obviously improve your viewing experience of a laser TV projector.Its Fresnel lens structure and 8 Layers Optical Structure filters enhances brightness and contrast while countering the washout effect of ambient light.It is perfect for living room in bright light environment.

2)Q:WHYLSANE ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) projector screen ?

A:Our Fresnel ALR Screen can effectively resist ambient light impact of 85%, achieve 80% Image quality improvement with 1.1dB peak gain, 50% higher than similar projection screens.The contrast levels are up to 100 times greater than standard matte white screens for premium color fidelity.

3)Q:What are the advantages of LSANE ALR Fresnel Screen compared to other manufacturers?

A:The gain and contrast of the screen is a seesaw, high gain brings low contrast. LSANE Ambient Light Rejection Screen equipped with Fresnel PET version high contrast material to maintain high gain without sacrificing contrast which enables to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens.


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