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Our products are widely used in the following areas

As a professional supplier of projectors, projection screens and projection accessories, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of different applications in various industries.

Education Field

Our projection solutions have great application potential in the field of education. With high-brightness, high-resolution projectors and professional projection screens, teachers are able to present clear, vivid images and videos during the teaching process. Such visual effects can enhance students' interest in learning and understanding, and stimulate their engagement and attention. In addition, our projection solutions support interactive features that allow teachers to annotate, write and manipulate using an interactive pen or trackpad to interact with students in real time and create a more personalized teaching experience.

Business Presentation

In business presentation scenarios, our projection solutions provide professional-level image presentation capabilities. The combination of high brightness and high contrast projectors with the right projection screen ensures clear, realistic images in meeting rooms, training centers or business presentations. In addition, our projection accessories support a variety of connectivity methods, making it easy for users to connect to different devices, making business presentations more convenient and efficient.

Entertainment Field

Our projection solutions provide an exceptional viewing experience in home theater and entertainment venues. The large projection screen combined with the high-resolution projector allows the audience to enjoy high-definition, shocking image effects. Whether watching a movie, watching a game or playing a game, our products bring an unforgettable audio-visual experience to the entertainment venue.

Advertising Display

In the field of advertising display, our projection products provide attractive advertising image effects. The high brightness and durable performance of the projector combined with the right projection screen can display clear, bright advertising images in a variety of environments to capture the attention of the target audience. This provides merchants, exhibition and event planners with an innovative and compelling promotional tool.
In addition to the above areas, our projection solutions are also suitable for conference centers, museums, medical institutions, stage performances and other application scenarios.
Our products are reliable, flexible and innovative to meet the needs of different industries






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