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Fresnel ALR Fixed Frame Projection Screen

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Product Features:

  • Convenient to Storage and Carry: Compact one-piece, lightweight, and folding design. You can fold the screen into a small size and put it in your backpack or suitcase.

  • Wide Application: Ideal choice for home theater movies, offices, education, conference room presentations, public displays, outdoor movies, and more.

  • Anti-Crease and High Absorbance Material: Made with natural Polyester fabric, the projection is sharper and brighter than most other projection screens. The projection screen is thickened and smooth, with no wrinkles when folded or crushed.

  • Easy to Set Up: The Projection Screen can be easily fastened with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, or double-sided tape on the wall/mount.

  • Format and Size: 16:9 screen format, diagonal 120" offering a 104" x 58" viewing area.

Product Description: Elevate your visual experience with our cutting-edge Fresnel100 Ultra-Thin Border Projection Screen. Whether you aim to make a lasting impression on potential clients or immerse yourself in a cinematic journey at home, this projection screen is tailor-made for both business and personal use. The slim, purpose-built bracket makes installation a breeze, allowing you to set it up in seconds or even integrate it seamlessly into your wall.

The Fresnel100 ultra-thin border projection screen boasts the slimmest visible border available on the market today. Its design is truly unique, resembling a 100-inch 4K TV but with an even more expansive viewing area. The sleek 12mm extruded aluminum alloy frame ensures both durability and a minimalist aesthetic. This screen delivers a maximum viewing impact, making it an ideal addition to enhance your home theater or meet the demands of commercial applications.

We hope the above product description meets your requirements. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

ALR fresnel fixed frame projection screen is an optical screen designed for ultra-short throw projection (laser TV), utilizing the Fresnel lens optical technology specifically designed for ultra-short throw lenses. It incorporates a multi-layered optical structure and nanodiffusion particles, allowing for active adjustment of projector light and absorption of ambient light. This greatly enhances the contrast and color saturation of displayed images in brightly lit environments. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. The screen is suitable for a variety of applications.

> Unique optical screen technology
> Best-in-class performance for use with ultra-short throw projectors
> Compact, space-saving installation design
> Unmatched front projection image contrast
> Realize the value of super large flat screen display
> Can be used in interactive touch screen applications
> Screen sizes up to 120" (16:9 format)
> Compatible with various UST ultra-short throw projectors


1) Q: Why pick Fresnel ALR Projection Screen?

  A: Matched with our UST ALR Fresnel Screen, it can fundamentally upgrade your survey insight with a UST laser projector. Its Fresnel focal point construction and 8 Layers Optical Design channels improve brilliance and differentiation while countering the waste of time impact of encompassing light. It is ideal for lounges in brilliant light conditions. Moreover, the Fresnel ALR Projection Screen is planned with a thin and lightweight casing for simple establishment and transportability.

2) Q: Why pick LSANE?

  A: Our Fresnel ALR Screen can really oppose 85% of encompassing light, bringing about a 80% improvement in picture quality with a 1.1dB pinnacle gain, half higher than comparable projection screens. The difference levels depend on multiple times more prominent than standard matte white screens, giving premium variety loyalty. LSANE is committed to conveying great projection screens that upgrade your visual experience and offer fantastic benefit for cash.

3) Q: What are the upsides of LSANE ALR Fresnel Screen contrasted with different producers?

  A: LSANE Encompassing Light Dismissal Screen is outfitted with a Fresnel PET variant high difference material that keeps up with high increase without forfeiting contrast. This empowers the screen to give contrast levels that are multiple times more noteworthy than standard matte white projection screens. Also, LSANE centers around ceaseless development and improvement, guaranteeing that our screens are at the front line of innovation and execution in the business.

4) Q: What is the MOQ (Least Request Amount)?

  A: The MOQ for tests in stock is 1 piece. For mass requests, the cost can be arranged in view of the amount required.

5) Q: Could we at any point get an example to check prior to putting in a huge amount request?

  A: Indeed, tests are accessible for clients to really take a look at the quality and execution of our Fresnel ALR Projection Screen prior to making a bigger buy. We put stock in giving our clients the certainty and fulfillment they need prior to focusing on a bigger request.

6) Q: Might the size at any point be modified?

  A: Indeed, the size of our Fresnel ALR Projection Screen can be redone as indicated by your particular necessities. We offer a scope of sizes from 80 crawls to 150 inches, permitting you to pick the ideal screen size for your projection needs.

7) Q: Could I at any point redo my logo or bundling?

  A: Indeed, we offer logo customization and bundling customization administrations. You can add your own logo or marking to the projection screen, making a customized and proficient touch. Furthermore, we can work with you to plan custom bundling that lines up with your image character and prerequisites.

8) Q: Do a wide range of projection screens have a guarantee? How long do you propose after-deals administrations?

  A: Indeed, all our projection screens accompany a guarantee to guarantee consumer loyalty and inward feeling of harmony. We offer a year guarantee for our Fresnel ALR Projection Screen. Notwithstanding the guarantee, we give lifetime support and after-deals administrations to resolve any issues or concerns you might have with your screen. Our committed client care group is accessible to help you all through the life expectancy of your LSANE projection screen.


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