Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen for Ultra-Short Throw Projector
Fresnel ALR UST
Projection Screen
Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen for Standard/Long Throw Projector
Fresnel ALR LT
Projection Screen
Fresnel ALR fresnel fixed frame projection screen is an optical screen designed for ultra-short throw projection (laser TV), utilizing the Fresnel lens optical technology specifically designed for ultra-short throw lenses. It incorporates a multi-layered optical structure and nanodiffusion particles, allowing for active adjustment of projector light and absorption of ambient light. This greatly enhances the contrast and color saturation of displayed images in brightly lit environments. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. The screen is suitable for a variety of applications.

> Unique optical screen technology
> Best-in-class performance for use with ultra-short throw projectors
> Compact, space-saving installation design
> Unmatched front projection image contrast
> Realize the value of super large flat screen display
> Can be used in interactive touch screen applications
> Screen sizes up to 120" (16:9 format)
> Compatible with various UST ultra-short throw projectors






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