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ZEEMR Z1 MINI 1080P Auto Focus High Brightness Support 4K Projector For Full Enclose Optomechanical Projector


Product Description

The Zeemr Projector is a cutting-edge device that delivers a superior audiovisual experience, featuring crystal-clear high-definition projection, versatile connectivity options, and immersive sound with integrated premium speakers. Its user-friendly setup, portability, and customizable viewing make it suitable for various settings, from home theaters to professional presentations. With its durability and energy-efficient technology, the Zeemr Projector promises long-lasting performance and is the perfect choice for enhancing your entertainment and communication needs.

Product Characteristics:

1. Dual-band WIFI, 2.4/5GWIFI.
2. Two-way Bluetooth-prot connection. The projector can be used as a Bluetooth-prot stereo.
3. Automatic focusing, automatic trapezoid correction and automatic screen entry.
4. Dual cavity audio, 5W * 2 speakers.
5. One key on the same screen.
6. The screen can be scaled.
7. LED light source, and can be used for 30000 hours.
8. LCD projection technology.
9.600 ANSI Lumens brightness.
10.2000:1 contrast.
11.90% DCI-P3 color gamut.
12. Display ratio: 16:9/4:3.
13. HDR10 dynamic decoding technology.
14. Android 9.0 system, 1+16 large memory.(Android version only)
15. Global high-definition and high-definition glass lens.
16. The clear picture quality of the whole area at nine points.
17.Support multiple languages.

The Zeemr Z1 projector, with its advantages such as hard core material, ACE image enhancement engine, 450 CVIA true brightness, physical 1080P native image quality, and HDR10+HIL high dynamic decoding technology, provides users with an excellent home theater experience. Whether it's watching movies, games, or daily entertainment, the Zeemr Z1 projector can meet users' high requirements for image quality and sound effects, allowing them to immerse themselves in the feast of audio-visual experience. If you have a need for a home theater, consider the Zeemr Z1 projector, which will become a new choice for your home entertainment. This time, the Zeemr Z1 projector uses a single chip LCD display technology, a native 1080P resolution, and a brightness of 650ANSI lumens. Compared to professional level projectors, it is not outstanding, but it is better used in environments with relatively limited lighting for home use.

The Zeemr Z1 upgraded projector adopts a different design from before, with a wool blend weaving process on the front of the body, integrating the warmth of home into industrial design, perfectly fitting the pursuit of a warm home by busy urbanites.

The grid design on both sides of the metal body, combined with the intelligent temperature control system developed by Zeemr, brings good heat dissipation effect and visually adds a futuristic sense of technology. From the back of the body to the right to the left, there is a row of top-down interfaces on the right, including: on/off button, 3.5-inch earphone hole, HDMI interface, USB interface, network cable interface, and power cable interface; The MEGA BASS area in the middle is equipped with two 5 W full band bass metal diaphragm speakers.

Features of the ZEEMR Z1 Mini home theater projector global version

ZEEMR Z1 Mini home theater projector offers realistic and vivid images powered by P3 color gamut, which is widely used in cinema and mobile phone industries.

ZEEMR self-developed operating system 'Dream OS' offers you an excellent experience with a simple interface, faster-responding speed, and smarter memory optimization technology.

home smart mini projector ZEEMR Z1 Mini global version with multiple connectivities

what's in the box of the home theater projector ZEEMR Z1 Mini global version


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