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Outdoor LED Display

1、High Resolution outdoor led display: 65410pixels / sqm;
2、High Quality Leds,lamp failure frequency:<0.0001;
3、High Refresh Rate: 1920HZ-3840HZ;
4、Customzied led display size,best resolution ratio W/H: 4:3 or 16:9;
5、Diverse Applications: Roadside,Shopping Mall,Store Banners, Stage, Concert, Wedding,Stadium, TV Studio, Conferences,etc.
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Outdoor LED Display Description

We sincerely recommend our outdoor LED display products to you. This outdoor LED display is a versatile solution that can be widely used in advertising, commercial plazas, cultural performances and large-scale events.

Our outdoor LED displays are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure their superior performance and reliability. Whether it's a sunny day or a dark day, our displays provide clear, vivid images and text. This is why we offer LED displays with excellent water - and dust-proof properties that allow them to operate normally in harsh weather conditions. Whether it is hot summer, cold winter or windy season, our products work steadily to provide reliable support for your activities. Our outdoor LED displays also feature high brightness, wide viewing angles and low energy consumption. This means that no matter where the viewer is, they will be able to clearly see what is on the screen. At the same time, our products can effectively save energy and reduce your operating costs.

LED display products cover P1.0-P2.5 ultra HD small pitch screen, P1.0 and below Micro pitch screen, Mini/Micro LED display, indoor and outdoor full color screen, commercial display, indoor and outdoor rental, integrated conference display, intelligent transportation display, building lighting display, immersive creative display and meta-universe CAVE system, etc. Meet the whole scene, the whole field, the whole system display application

Our team will be happy to provide you with professional technical support and quality after-sales service. Whether you need consultation during the purchase process or encounter problems during the use process, we will solve and help in a timely manner.

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LED Display picture

In the background of this car booth, we can see a huge LED display. This LED display uses advanced technology to display images and text very clear. The high resolution and bright colors of this display make the content of the booth more vivid and attractive. The LED display on the booth can be used to display various car pictures, brand logos and features. Not only that, it can also play promotional videos of the car to attract the eyes and attention of the audience. This LED display not only enhances the attraction and professional sense of the booth, but also conveys more information to the audience and helps them better understand the automotive products on display. Whether in the day or at night, the LED display can show excellent picture quality and effect, adding a touch of bright color to the booth.

Outdoor Rental P3.91 LED Display


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